Complete guide to Kuari Pass Trek, Joshimath, UK!

How to reach there

Like for most places in far north or east of Uttrakhand, you have to first reach Rishikesh and take a bus from there for Joshimath. As per the inquiry counter at the bus stand there is only direct bus for Joshimath which departs at xx a.m.

How much time do you need to trek (Delhi to Delhi)

From Delhi to Delhi, it takes 3 days and 4 nights to do Kuari Trek. If the fitness level is good, you can go further up and Pangarchulla can also be touched in the same time.

My complete guide to doing the trek in 3 days:

Day-1:  27 Dec, 2023

11:00 p.m. I along with 4 of my office friends took a bus from Kashmiri Gate, Delhi at xxx and reached Rishikesh at around Nepali Farm area ehe . The busses these days deboard you at a place called Nepali Farms on xxx highway from where you have to take shared autos to reach Rishkiesh Bus Stand (half hr jouney). From Rishikesh only direct bus to Joshimath departs at xxx am. If this bus is missed you will have to go upto say Rudraprayad and take another bus from there.

Day-2:  28-December-2023

6:30 a.m. We left Rishiksgek bus stand at around in a small local bus and reached Rudraprayag at around axx and Joshimath at around xx. The bus dropped us right in the Joshimath market at around xxx where we rented a local lodge for a night. Entire first day was consumed in traveling upto Joshmiath, as the bus would take frequent halts. We explored the local market had our dinner at a local dhaba (mahadev dhaba is tried and tested). Also you would find all you woollens you need for the trek and other equipment such as

Day-3: 29-December-2023


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